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[25 Sep 2006|03:58pm]

There was a momentary pause, and something in his eyes and the fluid strength of his hand bespoke “now and forever.” It was a thought that transmitted instantly from heart to heart and made infinity collapse into a single instant, then expand outward again.

He tasted her, drew on her essence, fed from her energy, demanded her submission. Fingers tightened in her hair, and his body drew devilishly close so that they shared one heat. His tongue pushed, insisted, plundered, partook, owned.

He felt her melt beautifully and willingly under his touch, and his blood pumped strongly in his veins.

[05 Aug 2006|04:29pm]

She arched her back as His lips fell to meet hers. In the warmth of Him she felt her own wants and desires slipping away from her, slowly being exchanged for His as He pulled her deeper into His world.

Her eyes fluttered for a moment before she let them shut, losing herself completely in Him. This had been all she desired all day, the memory of Him had been floating through her veins and was calling out for more.

All thoughts of papers, reading, and school work floating away, and all that remained was Him.

[06 Jun 2006|03:38pm]

His lips fell to hers, drawn like iron to a magnet, making contact a split second after her tongue retreated. The music of their union swelled and filled all octaves.

The heat their mouths generated was not the heat of friction, not flint striking steel, but rather a glowing warmth that rippled and spread. As his lips interlocked with hers, he felt her breathing come into alignment with his. His fingers molded to the changing arc of her neck.

Their mouths pressed, slipped, tightened, rounded.

He drew her in. Let her drift loose from remaining moorings and float into him.

[06 May 2006|10:18pm]

Her tongue flicked out slightly, running along her parted lips as she watched His eyes darken with desire, seeing behind them the depths of His ownership over her. She could feel Him slipping into her, overwhelming every part of her, until she was almost gone completely and all that was left was His.

The air around them crackled and sang their unspoken need for one another, and the whole of creation was pushing them together in this moment. She leaned forward, inclining the smooth arc of her neck, to breathe Him in further. She was His more now than ever before.

[27 Apr 2006|01:53pm]

His hand pushed backward in an arc flush with her contours, fingers splaying out at the nape of her neck and delving into her wavy hair. The flicker in her eyes indicated a brief flight of fancy and a return to focus, he thought.

Bending slowly at the waist, he brought his face closer to hers, enjoying her sweet proximity. He felt her breath mingle with his, felt the air grow warmer and thicker with mutual desire. Something slipped inside him and suddenly the stars threatened to fall from the sky if he could not have his lips on hers.

[19 Apr 2006|07:29pm]

She breathed him in as His fingers curled around her jaw. Her entire body was filled with a sudden uncontainable need for more of Him as He touched her gently. Everything in her told her to take Him, to lean forward and press her lips to His, part her thighs and show what He'd caused already, show Him the passion she had within her.

She bit her lower lip lightly and her attention returned to that moment, her eyes on His.

And she knew she was His, His to own, His to take and control, and she would wait for Him.

[06 Mar 2006|11:50am]

His smile broadened, enjoying the way she held his gaze. No shrinking violet – not his girl.

When his fingers met her cheek, they curled lazily and instinctively, molding to the graceful contour of her. Coarse fingertips pushed back to tangle into the wisps of hair by her ear. His warm palm cradled her cheek and jaw, grazing one corner of her lips.

He breathed, felt that incomparable uncanny connection, like lightning coursing through him, igniting each cell. Like a potential electrical circuit finally completed. And through that connection he reached to her and into her, felt her quiet brave relinquishment.
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[28 Feb 2006|10:12pm]

His movement across the room seemed slowed; she watched His movements as though removed from the room, each was slow and deliberate. Her heart raced and her breathing deepened. She shifted in her seat slightly and licked her lips with anticipation.

The air around them was full of their unspoken desire.

She fought the urge to lower her eyes from His, as He stalked towards her, holding her head high she held His gaze though still retaining that air of perfect unassuming submission. She sat up straighter, arched her back slightly, put both feet firmly on the floor and waited.

[28 Feb 2006|04:11pm]

He stood silently and fluidly - as if the world had shifted around him while he remained still. His eyes flared, then darkened, always remaining focused on her. Three unhurried, deliberate strides were enough to take him across the short span that separated them. His approach was as inevitable as the pull of gravity, as instinctual as the stalking of a predator.

He felt as if he knew every molecule of her, and could make them all dance at his command. Once his feet stilled, he extended his arm, his open hand sweeping through an easy arc of warmed air.

[14 Feb 2006|11:41pm]

She bit her lower lip and watched as he lowered the guitar. Her heart was pounding in her ears and she counted each beat under her breath.

"One, two, three, four..."

She continued to let the quiet ring through the air. She could feel that familiar tingle pass through the air surrounding them as she continued to count.

"Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen..."

She wondered how long they could sit like that, the silence filling her ears as they rang. She felt her hands trembling as she sat there across the room from him, waiting.

"Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine ..."

[09 Feb 2006|04:47pm]

He smiled as he sang, watched her perched nervously there, her vibrance enticing him as always. They both knew this interlude was about to end, and something new about to begin. But like her, he stretched out the moment of transition, enjoying the delicious moment of balance before the fall into another space.

The tempo slowed.


And slowed further.

The final notes hung frozen in the air for longer than seemed physically possible. Laws of physics were suspended.

Finally he put down his guitar and turned his smoldering gaze to her eyes. electricity snapped in the air between them.

[01 Feb 2006|08:51pm]

She watched Him as she put her pencil and book back into her bag, taking her time to cast furtive glances at Him while He continued to play. She smiled shyly as she returned to her chair across the room from Him and watched as He picked a slow continuous melody on the strings.

She pulled both feet up into the chair and folded her hands in her lap. She kept her eyes on his fingers because she knew she would lose that balance she'd found if she saw His eyes now. A growing need and desire was slowly burning and building in the pit of her stomach and she wasn't sure how long it would be before it overwhelmed her.

[01 Feb 2006|02:59pm]

As she flipped each page and pencilled notes in the margins, he sang. Sometimes quick and sometimes slow, always with each word and each resonating pitch directed at her. He felt her slip from the balance-edge between duty and desire, easing into her obedience like the stormclouds shifting across the sky.

Like dancers they locked into their shared rhythm, and soon her reading was done. He knew she would drag it out at the end, though … taking her time to stow her book and pencil just so, each motion excruciatingly slow and precise.

He saw her secret smile glowing.

[01 Feb 2006|02:39pm]

In a moment, he began to play again. From time to time, a tilt of his head or a meaningful glance was sufficient to send her gaze back to the book in her lap. Even from halfway across the room, he felt that tug on their shared bond – and that connection became imbued in the music. Vibrations in the molecules of the air linked his voice with her ear, his heart with her heart.

The atmosphere of the room took on a shimmering quality. He thought of the chains she wore beneath her clothes. Time slipped and swerved and glided.

[30 Jan 2006|12:45am]

She saw the smile play on his lips as she opened the book once more quickly finding her place. She sighed to herself, hoping he would start playing again, as she stared at the words on the page.

She felt that familiar pull in the pit of her stomach when she looked up and saw him watching her. Licking her lips and tucking a loose strand of hair back behind her ear she dropped her eyes back to her book quickly. That pull deep inside of her slowly dispersed throughout her body making her tingle.

She did her best to focus, turning the page slowly and stealing another glance up at him.

[25 Jan 2006|07:48pm]

She bit her lower lip as his playing slowed to a stop. Her eyes moved back and forth between the book in her lap and his eyes. She did have more to read, but watching him play had stroked that fire that was constantly burning within her.

"Don't ... please."

She had a slight desperation in her voice; she wasn't sure if it was from his threat or something else. She felt a pull deep within her as his fingers tapped against the top of the guitar. The deep rhythmic taps echoing through her body.

"Please, I love watching you play. I'll keep reading." She ducked her eyes to her book as his pierced through her.

[19 Jan 2006|02:38pm]

He played more slowly and softly, eventually drawing his fingers away from the strings altogether. Gaze fixed on her, he breathed deeply. His desire for her was a constant burgeoning warmth, one which always threatened to erupt into the familiar wildfire rushing through his bloodstream.

The inner struggle continued behind those beautiful glowing eyes. He adored the part of her that longed for closer intimacy – equally adored the part of her that craved discipline and wanted to follow through.

He tapped fingertips on the contoured wooden top of the guitar.

"Perhaps I should put this away for the time being."

[14 Jan 2006|11:46pm]

She looked up from his fingers as he stopped singing to question her. Immediately she looked away from him, fingering the book idly in her lap knowing she had at least thirty more pages to read that night.

It was getting dark out – heavy rain clouds filled the sky and a low rumble of thunder coursed through the sky.

She looked back at him, hoping that perhaps he'd forgotten his question while she had stalled. She bit her lower when she saw the way he was looking at her. Damn, why did he have to look at her with those eyes? She just knew he could see right through her.

"Well ..."

[04 Jan 2006|09:26am]

He played, rumbly baritone voice resonating with the strings. It seemed that each time he looked up, she was running her pink pointed tongue over her lips again. She shifted her hips sensually, causing his voice to waver. He noticed the closed book in her lap and broke off in mid-song.

“So … finished all your reading have you, love?”

He narrowed his eyes and bent a half-smile that could mean anything, as his fingers continued to pick out complex patterns on the vibrating strings. The question hung in the air - he savored her indecision about how to reply.

[21 Dec 2005|01:22am]

Losing herself while watching his fingers play over the strings – She let memories of their time together fill her mind.

She saw the slow progression of their relationship pass through her mind – the day they met, their first date, that Christmas.

She smiled to herself thinking of their last Christmas together, crinkled paper scattered across the floor from frantic gift opening while they dozed on the floor holding one another. She would never forget the gift he gave that day.

She smiled feeling the chains beneath her clothes. She licked her lips and shifted in her chair as memories of the rest of that day filled her head.

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